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Feb 13, 2011 6:00pm EST
plata high school. >>> president obama is heading up i-95 to baltimore county to talk money and education tomorrow. the president and education secretary arnie duncan and jack lou will head to parkview middle school. the school has a focus on science and technology and math which the president wants to invest in. he wants to cut other programs to increase education spending. >>> egypt military cabinet is trying to restore security. they met to talk about priorities in bringing the nation back to order after 18 days of protests. already they've dissolved the egyptian parliament and suspending the constitution, two key dehe mands from the pro -- to key demands from the protestors. but something is building in an already unstable country. we're talking about iran. >> with rally cries about cairo, protestors in tehran are getting ready to take to the streets. peter ducey explained their demands. >> iranians are spay painting the street signs in iran. they have seen what their neighbors in egypt and tunisia have done and after the liz lambic revolution which topped the shaw of ir
Feb 12, 2011 6:00pm EST
-sheikh. >> fox 5 is keeping an eye on the latest developments in the wake of president obama -- president mubarak's resignation. go to our website, for photos and updates 24/7. >>> new tonight, the gun fire ripped through an apartment window while a family watches television. take a look at the pictures. you can see the damage the bullet did to the blind and wall. this happened around 8 last night in the 3,000 block of 30th street in southeast. a woman, her sister, and four children were in the apartment. they say the bullet hit the cable box. the police found 13 bullet casings outside but no victims. right now, there have been no reports of any injuries and there is also no arrests. >>> a stunning scene on d street northeast this morning. where an fbi stakeout netted three arrests. the fbi got a tip about an armored car robbery at a bank at 31st and v stream. the law enforcement sources say agents were there and three men with guns tried to rob the vehicle. two men had hand guns, one had a rachael and all three gave up without a fight. no shots were fired but they did use flash b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2